Intermediaries are a crucial part of modern football in the world. Every transfer window, there are a lot of player moving from one club to another, one country to another and one continent to another continent.

Malaysian football fans passionate towards the game can be seen when pre-season games and during the season as the support given to their favorite club is undeniably magnificent.

Malaysian football also welcomes players from other parts of the world to involve in the Malaysian football league. Up to this date, the Malaysian football league has more than 90 foreign players plying their trade in this South East Asian country.


1. Intermediaries Registration Form

2. FAM Regulations on Working with Intermediaries

3. Termination Notice

4. Club & Intermediary

5. Player & Intermediary

6. Intermediaries Declaration Form 

7. FAM Intermediaries Report 2019-2020 

8. FAM Intermediaries Report 2020-2021

9. FAM Intermediaries Report 2021-2022

10. FAM List of Intermediaries 2019-2020

11. FAM List of Intermediaries 2020-2021

11. FAM List of Intermediaries 2020-2021

12. FAM List of Intermediaries 2021-2022