Futsal team Technical Director: Marcelo Serpa Coelho

Marcelo Serpa Coelho or Marcelo Serpa as he is commonly known as currently serves as the Technical Director for Futsal at the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). This Brazilian has spent the last two decades dedicating himself to the art and sport of Futsal after he graduated as a Civil Engineer from Pontificia Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

He first started his career in futsal when he played for the Flamengo's a local futsal club in Brazil, where he then proceeded to move to the first division of Futsal National League of Spain (LNFS), where he had the opportunity to both learn and work with some of the best Futsal coaches from the region. He spent 15 years the team. Serpa then proceeded spend four years working with Jose Venancio Lopez the coach of the Spanish National Team and another four years with Jesus Candelas Rodrigo, Head Coach of Iran National Team.

In July 2012, Serpa joined FAM, where he has worked to develop not only Malaysia's National Futsal team, but also the national league. During his time here, he has also worked on improving the coaching formation for futsal and also on developing both youth and women's futsal.

Some of his achievements over the years as a coach include winning the Bronze Medal for the Malaysian Women’s National Team at the 2013 SEA Games, the Malaysian Men’s National Team being the runner-up for for the 2013 OFC Championship and for having them qualify at the AFC Futsal Championship 2014.

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